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An informative blog with weekly step by step posts on how to become ‘financially independent’. A phrase that means having enough income to live on without having a job. An absolute dream but an impossible thought for those without savings or trust funds or high income bracket parents. Even though this may not be your financial goal, the steps taken to achieve this will be beneficial for a part time single mother as well as a millennial bachelor stuck in a 9-5 job for the last 5 years. Subscribe to the blog to avoid missing out on life and money hacks written for you, without the jargon and complex mathematics to get in control of all life has to throw at you.

  • 4 Key Tips For MONEY MANAGEMENT!

    9th Sep 2019 by

    Where Do I Start? Living paycheck to paycheck? Consistently borrowing money towards the end of the month? Not had a holiday in a while? Looking for enlightenment to change your financial situation and relationship with money for the better? This blog will enable you to make wiser decisions, increase your knowledge and help you achieve… Read more

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